Help where can i find some overlay like this one? 🥺❤️

So i’m looking for an overlay like this one below For My Character Details I hope Anyone Could Help Me Find Those Overlays Tysm in advanced to those would help me out :pray:t2::pleading_face:


Like this?

Lmao I downloaded it straight from the portal. xD

you do mean these, right?


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Oh wow tysm!:pleading_face::heart: it means a lot!

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do you want the rest of them?? ur welcome <3 :slight_smile:

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Oh i already installed them from the portal!:grin: because you said that you found those overlays from the portal and thankyou so much it means a lot for helping me out!:heart::pleading_face: you’re so kind!

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Aww! Glad you got your overlays! <3 And also glad I was of some help! Good luck with your template!

If you wanted the little glow effect, my guess is that the person that edited the overlays added a glow shadow around them or something! haha

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Omgggg! thankyou thankyou!:pleading_face::pleading_face: you’re a life saver!!!:sob:

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you’re welcome! <3