Help! Which one is better?

Hey guys I have a question… I have a scene in my story where the main character and her mom have a chat convo and I need to come down to a desicion

This is an example of the first idea…
A casual conversation background and everytime the reader wants to read the next message they’ll just have to tap.

And this is the other idea. Making them talk in front of a phone background in spotlight mode. It’s something I haven’t seen before and thought it would be cool, but then it shows emotions and I don’t know if it’s a good thing for texting. (This one will also have the previous background, just without texts, the one that I have now is an old one)

spotlight%20convo%201 spotlight%20convo%202

Which one do you prefer?


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I think you should do what ever the easiest to you but I like the classic

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Or you could use this awesome feature:

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