HELP! Why are my characters in these little portals?


Alrighty, so I haven’t used Episode for a long time and a lot of changes have come to the portal. I feel stupid asking this, but why is it that your characters are in little portals when you use the portal preview. I used @ASHLYN enters from right to screen right like I remember having to do but she shows up in like this portal-like thing? Is there something I’m doing wrong? save


This is called spotlight, you may have accidentally choose this one instead of cinematic, type this:

set format cinematic


Thank you!!


set format cinematic will not work if you chose the spotlight format when you created your story.

You will have to create a new story and make sure to choose the cinematic format instead of spotlight.


Thanks as well! After the command didn’t work, I actually did that. Time to remake all my characters :confounded: