Help why can't i have a woman wear a fire uniform

hi can someone help me. in my story the woman character is a firefighter. i went into outfits and manged to use some of the clothing items. but it says the outfit isn’t aloud. when i try to put it in the seen. what can i do? as im sure the firefighters uniform is made for men only. which i think should be changed as you do get women that are firefighters too.anyway. back to the help. what can i do ? can someone make a outfit for me maybe i dont know where to start.
many thanks

Make sure the outfit you’ve created is for the female. You might have accidentally created the male version and made a female character wear it.
You can check it by category, “For: Generic Female”.


Thank you yes that’s how I got the outfit for the woman. But still says there is a problem with the scene I will try again thank you :relaxed:

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