Help! Why won't my music play?

Idk why but my music is not playing…
I used this

music music_acousticjam

I also tried

music music_acousticjam
volume music 100 0

still doesn’t work. I tried refreshing my website but still nothing works.

I think you always have to put the music coding, after you coded your background. :woman_shrugging:

Nahh I tried doesn’t work… :sob:

No 0 means that the volume will go up to that level in 0 seconds. This does not affect how long the music plays.

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Oh… sorry then for my stupid answer :sweat:

but why isn’t the music playing… is it a glitch?

Could be. Have you tried testing in the app?

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Yeah on phone the volume is audible.

I am having the same problem. Dis you ever figure out how to resolve it?

music (whatever music choice)
volume music 0 0
volume music 100 0

Same for sound. Works perfect.

This has been an issue for a very long time. But the Episode Team doesn’t want to fix it. No surprise there :joy: :joy:

Haha thanks
I tried this instead
volume 100 4000
and it worked, apparently the last number is the duration? idk im just happy it worked :joy:

sound sound_name (or music music_name)
volume sound (or music) 100 0

is how you code sound to start and stay at one volume. I’ve always placed it after my bg, spotting, outfits coding. I’m pretty sure that it was just the portal glitching as it’s known to do. When this happens again (which is probable lol) test it in app, if it works there, it’s the portal and you don’t need to adjust your code.