Help with 3 person viewing

Can anyone tell me how to do that 3 person view with the person looking like they are blinking or just opening up their eyes in like 3 person stage looking at someone else?


You mean… like the character is blinking and they can see others around them?

I think that would require overlays, if you’re curious on how to make the MC blink/look like they are seeing the world from their POV (which if I’m not mistaken is first person view).



yes just like that I should’ve said 3 person point of view so yes that’s it.

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Ahhh okay! Glad that was clarified. <3

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So how would I do that

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For 3rd person point of view, you can use the “NARRATOR” or “NARR” character to talk in a narrative/3rd person point of view. Characters will also be referred to as “he/she/they” and/or “her/him/them” instead of their names. As shown in the image above, there are two types: Omniscient or Limited. Limited is the narration where you can only see one character’s perspective of what is happening to the story, and that you can not really know the thoughts of other characters. As for Omniscient, this is the exact opposite: There is no limited/restricted perspective of one character, and you get to know what is happening in all of the characters perspectives + minds.

If you are referring to this:

Then, as I mentioned before, overlays are required for this. You can find “eye/blinking” overlays, along with templates in an author’s google drive. I recommend this one from Frey’s Google Drive (I don’t know who to credit as I forgot their Forums/IG name… sorry), or you can also find some here on the Forums. Just type “Eye Blinking Template” or “Opening/Closing Eye Transition” :))

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Ok thank you so much for this again so awesome.

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No problem, glad I could be of help :DD

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