Help with a art cover for my new story! LL,I GIVE CREDITS EVERY CHAPTER

Hey everyone! I just wrote a new story that I would like to publish!

It is called Craving Ecstasy
It is about a girl who get an offer to embark on a journey to another state in order to represent her prestigious high school (senior year, she is very smart)

There, she comes across trouble… or should I say-- Ryder Hayes.

Drama unfolds, romance blossoms, heartbreak follows and most of all-- her life is altered in a drastic way.

Now that we have the basic bio out of the way… I would like to kindly ask if anyone wants to make a small cover for me.

A basic idea I have is her and Ryders back to each other in front of a blurred nightsky school. They have both facial expressions that of “enemies to lovers.” She is shorter btw (not drastically)

If you are interested, pls let me know db and I will PM!!



You should seek out some art shops here on the forums that take requests :))


Visit this art shop for free covers! You can request any of the helpers like me can help you with your request!

:mic_drop: Sweet Songs Art Shop :mic_drop: (OPEN FREE)


Okay I asked for april epsiode

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