Help With A Atory

I was reading a story on Episodes and then it just vanished. It was about a new bad boy to the school and the girl and him had a class together where they had to do “The Baby Project”. If you know the story name or author can you please help me??

Is it any of these two?

No sadly not. In this story you got to name the main character and there was the bad boy Jonah and a jock Spencer who wanted to be with the main character

What format was it? Ink or Limelight?

To be honest I’m not sure




I’ll keep looking

Thank you I’m looking as well. I’m starting to think maybe the author deleted the story

I found it!! I googled it and it popped up but it’s not on the app anymore

Aw sorry about that, that must be annoying

It really is annoying. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

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