Help with a choice error


i need help with a choice error. i any help?


The hashtag before the } on line 107 shouldn’t be there. It should work after that. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh i see what it’s for. In that case you need another } right before it on the line above


You need to do a closing }
With each choice, or condition, it must be enclosed in these brackets. {choice or condition }

“Name” {
}“Name” {

I hope that helps.

The bracket that you have shown is grey which means that it’s a placement and not part of the actual script.


i tried to fix the choice thing but it came to an error again :joy:


Ahh. I see your problem.
Immediately preceding the word “choice” you must have dialogue. If you do not want dialogue to appear, you can reduce your speech bubble to 0% so that it does not appear on screen (remembering to reset the speech bubble afterwards).

@speechbubble is x y to 0%
Words here.

“Choice A” {
}“Choice B” {


Alright thank you so much:grinning :grinning:



Moved topic to Directing Help & Tips and closed since it has been resolved. Thanks for the help all!