Help with a command please anyone.... xx

**Hi everyone,
Really sorry if this has been asked before on here, but I don’t know what its called to search for it!
I’ve nearly finished my first 3 episodes (took 4 months ) a lot of getting the directing commands in the wrong order , swearing at my laptop , and telling my self IM GIVING UP!!! haha but I carried on .and sort of got the hang of it now. But i’ve seen people have a little white box pop up on the top for a few seconds , for example ’ when character speaks a different language ,then it pops up in English for a few seconds’ or if you pick a <choice it pops up ’ they will remember that’

Not sure what its called but if anyone knows what I mean … do you know how to do it in the script please ** its the last bit I need to add before I publish , yay xxxxx

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It should be like:

readerMessage What you want to say

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ow wow that was quick, thankyou so much, I will try that now xx

Yes they called Reader Messages. The code is:

readerMessage Write your text here

If you want to add a title you add at the end:

readerMessage Write your text here with messageTitle Title here!

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