Help with a cover for a new story

Hey, all! I have a new story in the works, and I need a cover for it. The title is “Timeline Failure”, and I need the cover to look like an error screen from…something. I’d give you anything you deem appropriate.

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I think I can help!

Really? That would be awesome!

Can you give me the details for it?!

I want it to kinda look like an error screen.

So you just want it to look like an error screen , with timeline failure on it?


Okay! It should be done in about an hour

perfect! Thank you

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image image
Does any of these work for you?

the bottom one works better, but I also like the one that looks like a computer screen :slight_smile:

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I can put the computer screen on one of the error backgrounds as well

could you? That would be awesome

Which one did you like better?

the top one

Sorry I didn’t realize you replied until I was done. I did the bottom one because the words across it aren’t noticeable.

thank you so much! It looks awesome

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