Help with a cover!

Would anyone be willing to help me with a cover for my new story? I can’t pay but I will give full credits.
Thanks in advance


@denaxepisode I can do it but my orders don’t order until after New Years if it is not urgent or you don’t need it before then I can do it for you

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Thank you! It’s not urgent so I can wait :slight_smile:

Ok so can you just give me the details of what you what to be done @denaxepisode

To order that please go to here Art request order

Hello, if you are still looking for someone, You can check my Instagram: Hyejinkg and dm me :innocent:

@denaxepisode can you please provide details of what you what you cover to look like ok
Art request

@denaxepisode can you pleas3 tell me what you need so I can help you

@denaxepisode i am really sorry but if you don’t reply to me I am going to have to put you on my waiting list meaning after I have finish with a request you will be my next on the list to help )this is just so I can help the people who reply to my questions
Again I am really sorry but it is your own fault for not responding