Help with a description for my story. <3

I was going through the one hundred thousand million stories i’ve started writing and I came across the first story I ever started working on. The thing is I don’t have a good description. So anyone who loves coming up with unique descriptions or has one that would be much appreciated thanks x.

The description I had: Max’s broken heart prevented him from ever wanting to love again, now living in LA for a fresh start he meets Jasmine Grey, all the boys want her but she wants you.
Summary of the Story:
Male main character

Max Davis got his heart broken by the only girl he thought loved him for himself. Then his has to go to a funeral that same week because of a death of their beloved grandparents they later decide to leave that town and move to the city. He then meets Kia Remington and they fall for each other but people keep tearing them apart.

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this is crap but i couldnt think of anything else...sorry

The hardest thing to cure is a broken heart, but when you move to LA for a fresh start, Kia Remington changes that…

I like it but I feel like it needs more. Thanks though x :heart:

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ik it sucks…sorry

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How about something like this?

From the day your heart was broken, love is a burden for you. 'Cause no girl is worth all that pain. That was until you moved to sunny LA and met the stunning Jasmine Gray. Can she change your mind about love?

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Thank you I like it a lot. :blush::two_hearts:

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