Help with a description

Ya’ll I am close to uploading my second story. And I’ve not yet gotten a description on the story. This story is about a girl(Addison) who meets a guy (Ryan) in jail. I am like- stuck so could someone help lol

could be a little more descriptive like
why she meets a guy in jail
like is she in jail already?

Lol she attempts to steal her friends diary back from the bully’s house. An Ryan just got locked up for being an as*

Oh okay


Addison did something bad… Real bad like attempting to steal… Now facing her punishment in jail she meets a guy names Ryan. And she though jail was bad… Addison would rather take jail time then even see his face…

I know that was really bad but i hoped that helped…

Whoa das good :heart_eyes:

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May I know what Addisons’ second name is?


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Thanks, ima come up with something now!

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Oh heck yea thank u lol

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Hey girl, i think if you wanna get more answers and help you should move this topic to Community nor the arts resources❤️

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Nah its aight I don’t want this blowing up like my last post did ehehe sks

Oh ok lmaoo

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Addison Hartman, a synonym of the word bad. unfortunately that’s the reason she’s in jail, You would think it would tame her. But you know what they say you can’t tame the beast. Just as fate would have it she meets troubled Rayan (whatever his second name is). May the best inmate win…

I know it’s bad my brain is so focused on my story that I literally can’t think of anything else. I know I took long sooorrrrryyy

WHAT THA HECK DIS PERFECTTt :blush::blush::sweat_smile:

you’re too kind you don’t gotta lie it’s okay :relieved:

No honestly, I’m just gonna go over and improve the sentences a bit and I’ll add the other commenters idea cause that’s Good too, shall I tag ur forum name In the desc?

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No credit needed hun :upside_down_face:

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