Help with a good story description please!

So basically, I’m new here and I’m thinking about writing a story based on a love trio between a girl and her bestfriend and a cute guy who enters their life, and that’s where the drama begins! And I really want help with the story description I want it to be creative and attractive to all the readers! Any help would be appreciated <3

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First I recommend visiting my story title shop, I think you could find some good story titles in there, if you want to avoid a cliché title like “Falling for the bad boy” etc. :laughing:

Second, I recommend my other thread - Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success. There are some writing tips on how to make your story stand out, how to attract and keep the readers :slight_smile:

For a description, I would definitely go for something unique and mysterious. There are many stories out there with similar plots, so I think you should avoid having a cliché desciption. Here are some ideas:

1. Will you be able to resist a new, mysterious temptation when [Name] enters your life? Or will you sacrifice your friendship in the name of lust?

2. Your heart has always belonged to your bestfriend. Things start to change when [Name] enters your life. Will you go for the unknown or choose an old love instead?

3. All chaos breaks loose the second you meet [Name]. Meanwhile things between you and your bestfriend start to heat up. A battle awaits and the prize is your heart.

4. It has always been more than just friendship between you and [Friend]. Will you admit your feelings or give in to the stranger next door?

Hope this helps :pleading_face: :cherry_blossom: :blossom: :herb:


Thank you so much it helped!! I’m totally gonna use one of them :heart:thanks for helping I appreciate you alot

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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