Help with a minigame?

I want to make a kind of mini game, where my character has 7 places as choice options to visit and 1 choice option to press when she visited the right options. Only 3 of those 7 choice options are the right options, the others will make you get a bad result. How should I script it? I tried giving and removing points to/from my character, but that way you can cheat the system just by visiting only one option… I’m breaking my head and I can not come up with a solution. Could you help me?

(It’s in Spanish, btw) xD

so you want her to be able to go to the other 3 choices aswell? you can also just do something like what happend here ?


Yes, I want her to be able to visit all the options, but if she visits the wrong ones, she’ll get the bad result and if she visits the right ones, the good one; but I want that she can not press the button in the bottom right (see image of the post) to go ahead if she has not achieved the 3 correct options.

I tried but I realized that even with the gain there was a way to cheat.

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@Dara.Amarie ,@Apes ? do you know something ?

Try maybe with eliminating choices and more than one gains(to gain bad and good options as well), here’s the example of how to eliminate choices:

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Perfect! That’s what I needed. Thank you so much!

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