Help With A Native Hawaiian Character!

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So I want to write a Hawaiian character, and so far in my research I’ve found that names are a significant part of the Native Hawaiian culture. I was wondering if there were any native Hawaiians on here that could help explain that a bit better and help me to name this character. Her culture will play a big part in who she is, and I have a list of questions as well. Thank you in advance! This is much appreciated!!!

  1. Is the traditional method of honi ihu still in practice? Or has that changed into cheek kisses and a hug? Is this ever used in a professional setting?
  2. Would it be appropriate to refer to the character as kama’aina?
  3. Do any of you still speak 'olelo hawai’i either with family or friends? Or is it no longer taught because of colonization?
  4. Are you still taught about Hawaiian deities / legends like Pele or the Huaka’i po?
  5. Are there any yearly traditions that you take part in that honor or focus on your culture / heritage?
  6. Do you think it would be appropriate for me to even write this character? I know a lot about the brutal history of Hawai’i, and I really don’t want to contribute to that.
  7. Do you still practice he’e holua?
  8. How do you feel about the visitors currently living on the Islands?
  9. Is there anything you think I should know beyond any of this information?

@Raitlyn maybe you can help her… :white_heart:

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