Help with a new chapter

Hey guys,
Ok, I need a little help. I’m writing my story and I just finished the first chapter. I have it where a girl starts a new school in town and she’s enjoying her new life so far. In the end, another student is hateful towards the new girl but she doesn’t know it yet. I ended with that. How should I start the second chapter?

Oh, from the last chapter it was in the middle of a new school day at the end of the story. I’m doing it by week days.

1st chapter - Starts off as Monday and ends at the beginning of Tuesday.
2nd chapter - Continues as Tuesday and I’m stuck right here

All I wrote for chapter 2 is:

who is “another student”, girl, boy?


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hmm, then how about you make that “another student” girl get your main character a blind date where your main character falls in love with that blind date. where on another side that blind date is actually a f!&#boy. so that “another student” girl would make your main character broken hearted, if you know what I mean