Help with a new story? (Newbie)

Hi, there! You can call me Dog! I’m sort of looking for help with putting a story together on here. I’ve got experience in writing, character making, grammar, etc, so I’m not interested in help; but, I’d really enjoy someone else to share ideas with.

Scripting, directing–whatever you call it–is an entirely different story lol. I’d love some insight into that. I’d rather someone help me learn so I can do it myself later on, not someone to take over for me.

I’m on the older spectrum, and that means my taste in the stories I create are more mature than what I’ve so far seen here. Not to say I don’t enjoy stories here and there, but most aren’t what I’m interested in writing. I like more depth, more character insight, more thought put into things (and maybe that’s dumb of me lmao).

I’d really love to see if there are any writers here with that sort of mindset. It’d be a real help!

Otherwise, yeah! I’d love some direction with scripting! My first issue is my introduction. I’m trying to figure out how to fade a scene in and not have it, like, pop up in my damn face like a light switch lol. :upside_down_face:

Also! Might be the wrong place for this, and if so I’m so sorry! :worried:

I don’t entirely understand what you need help with.
(I’m 16, so I’m also on the “older spectrum”, I think???)

I could help you but if you specify exactly what you need help with I can much better help you. :grin:

Sorry about that! I’m more just curious about everything. I’m very new here and wouldn’t mind just, like, some help getting to know the place: what people like, what people don’t like, scripting, directing, how to work with cover art–that sort of stuff! Like, is there a big difference between Limelight and Ink? People seem to choose ink more, maybe?

Also, just people that like to talk about stories, I guess! That’s always fun. Also, by old I mean early twenties, but I’m open to help from anyone, haha.

I could help you on most of these, You can start by asking me questions about any of the topics and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Hi, I am a bit busy, so I’m not able to help you like full on. But I can help you with fades:

Fade Examples:

@transition fade out black 2

@transition fade in white 4

@transition iris out grey 1

You can change the type of fade: @transition fade out black 2

  • You could use iris or fade (and there is some more)

You can also change if it’s fading in or out: @transition fade in white 6

  • You can use in or out

You can also change the colour of the fade: @transition fade out black 1

  • You can use black or white or red or grey

And you can also change how long it takes to fade: @transition iris in red 3

  • You can use any number

I hope this helps! xxx

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Aaaah, thanks so much!! This is so helpful! :smiley_cat:

Also, @EpisodeAfra, is it okay if I message you somehow? I don’t have an instagram, sadly.

Yep, We could continue talking on here or on the Pm. Whatever you’re comfortable with, :smile:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: