Help with a png


Hi! I really need a facial mask png but can’t find it. Knows someone where?



… lel


I saw this one but idk if it looks good on my character’s face. Thx btw




I can try and make one from scratch, but ill need the character details


Here is my character. It will mean a lot if you would to it for me!



What is her face shape?


Soft heart


These are hella creepy but I think they might work, lemme know



ok this is what i found.:sweat_smile:


Are great but I was referring at cosmetic facial masks, srry.


I’ll try them on, thx!


Tell me if the forehead is too long cause I can fix that pretty easily.


It’s a little, I just want the green one, thx


try this:


Hey there! I made 2 (one for facing left and another facing right) for my story a while ago. I even made extra overlays of cucumbers to put in the eyes. You can find them here :blue_heart:


Thank you all so much!!