Help with a question plz

YO I don’t know anything about kiss or whatever it is and Quora is giving me cheesy answers which stunk, So I want to know

If a guy is standing close to a girl chatting but someone bumped into him causing him to fall front wards on the girl and his lips pressed against the girls lip, does that count as a kiss? And how should they react?


I mean, it is a kiss. It also just depends on the person for how they’ll react

How should they react?

A guy is talking to his friend and his little sister ran into him pushing him on the girl and they’re lips touch :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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embarrassed? uncomfortable?


Oh I’ll try that

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No, it’s not a kiss. Something similar happened to me in middle school where i accidentally face planted into another guy’s face and our lips touched :grimacing:

We just awkwardly laughed it off and went our separate ways

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That’s still considered a kiss like it or not. Since you both physically touched lips. Also, for a guy, they will react awkward and uncomfortable.

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Eh. Kissing implies consent and intimacy. It doesn’t include either of those if lips brush by accident. But that’s my opinion ig.

Its not a lip brush

its something like a guy falls on a lady’s boobs

Uncomfortable, embarrassed? maybe try making her make up an excuse and leave?

I think the reaction will depend on each character’s personality. Yes, most commonly someone would probably be uncomfortable or embarrassed, but if you want to emphasize how each character takes on different situations, some might act cold, get angry, make a joke/remark, laugh, etc. I think you should think about what type of character you’re writing about and base their reactions off that.

This also includes what it is taken as. Kiss or not, people each have their own opinions of what classify as a kiss. A person who is on the colder, angrier side of the spectrum may shake it off and claim that “nothing happened,” while a more light-hearted, emotional person would say that it was a kiss which is why is was extremely awkward.


i mean it depends on how well the characters know eachother and if they like eachother yet. if they didn’t know eachother well enough, reactions would be very different lol :joy:

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