Help with a scene in story

Hey Guys!

I need help with writing a scene, i cant seem to get it right. Its a ceremony style, but I cant get everything to fit correctly


Lmk what type of scene/how you want it to play out, including your characters and what not, and we can see if I can be of any help hun!

So the scene is of a ceremony with random characters in the background and 4 of my characters. I need random people to go sit on the throne as well as 3 of my characters annnnd I can’t get it to work. Thank you for offering your help! :smile:

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Of course I love helping where I can, so you wanna tell me your character’s name? And if you haven’t already I can make up some random background characters. Also do you have a preferred background or?

Ya! The characters names are Atiya, Cora, Phoenix and Saphira. I made background character to see how it would work but that’s as far as I got lol. As for background, I had the desert

Alright, a ceremony right? Could you send me the background? You want a throne? I’m trying to understand what exactly you mean. Do you have some throne overlays? Is this a kings/queens type of scene? Annnd do you want your characters to be in the front or back? Because of the dialogue that follows, you would need to see them right. Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna do my best!

Yes. So it’s like a ceremony where some of the towns people have to go up and sit on the throne to find something out. I would like for my characters to be in the front. I will send you background and overlay :grin:


Hey! Thank you so much for helping me!

So this is the background: EXT. DESERT - DAY
and the overlay is THRONE

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It’s no problem, could you send me the overlay you’re using?

Okay, I’ll get started.

Thank you <3

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Hey, I finished the script. I hope this is the way you wanted it!

&cut to zone 2
&zoom on 404 0 to 132% in 0
&RANDOM 8 spot 0.446 198 191 in zone 2 at layer 6 AND RANDOM 8 faces right
&RANDOM 7 spot 0.422 71 200 in zone 2 at layer 6 AND RANDOM 7 faces left
&RANDOM 3 spot 0.314 75 309 in zone 2 at layer 4 AND RANDOM 3 faces left
&RANDOM 6 spot 0.410 215 242 in zone 2 at layer 6 AND RANDOM 6 faces right
&RANDOM 4 spot 0.335 242 303 in zone 2 at layer 4 AND RANDOM 4 faces right
&RANDOM 5 spot 0.386 108 252 in zone 2 at layer 6 AND RANDOM 5 faces left
&RANDOM 2 spot 0.356 77 298 in zone 2 at layer 5 AND RANDOM 2 faces left
&RANDOM 1 spot 0.218 144 418 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND RANDOM 1 faces left
&PHOENIX spot 0.269 208 365 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND PHOENIX faces right
&SAPHIRA spot 0.263 172 364 in zone 2 at layer 2 AND SAPHIRA faces right
&CORA spot 0.281 72 363 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND CORA faces left
&ATIYA spot 0.275 107 365 in zone 2 at layer 2 AND ATIYA faces left
&overlay THRONE create
&overlay THRONE opacity 1
&overlay THRONE shifts to 92 189 in zone 2
&overlay THRONE scales to 0.316 0.316

You can change any of the characters to fit your own names if you need to.

Thank you so much! Credit?

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You are so welcome! No need for credit, I’m just glad I could help. Have a nice day/night hun, I hope everything goes smoothly with your story. If you have any more questions regarding the script (writing problems in general) I’m here :blob_hearts:!

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