Help With A Scene Please!

Help needed with this scene:

She looked at me, with weak eyes, and tears rolling down her cheeks…

(Eli should run over to her. She’s still breathing but barely)
(Eli will ask Anna why she did it)
(Anna did it because the heartbreak hurt too much. She’ll survive though!)

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sorry accidentally deleted the comment

What do you need help with?

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Dialogue and the scene in general;t

So coding and stuff? I’m not that great with coding and stuff but I could help with dialogue and stuff. Just PM me…

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Well, my main focus is dialogue

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Maybe add something like (if eli is the one who broke her heart): “I could barely believe that I was the one who caused this mess.” “I wanted to be brave enough to tell her that I’m sorry, but it felt as I was too late to fix it.” “So I let it go… I let her slip away.”
(I’m just trying idk what your story is about so sorry if this won’t work for you)