Help with a scene, please!

Hello! This is my first ever story… so I need a bit of help, please! I am using a background from episode for my story, and I wanted to make a scene where my two main characters bumped into each other. This would be how they first meet! Could anyone help me with how I could direct that? I will post the character’s positions down below with the background!
Thanks in advance! :heart:



Character positions

@THEO spot 0.781 124 241 in zone 1
@THEO moves to layer 0
@PEYTON faces right
@PEYTON spot 0.823 54 217 in zone 1
@YOU walks to spot 0.853 89 180 in zone 1

(Theo is Peyton’s best mate, and they are in the smoothie shop when all of a sudden “YOU” bumps into them. )
I need it to be so “YOU” trips over Peyton, and then Peyton helps her up.

Would anyone be able to help with this?

I will give credit x

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I can’t script it rn but you can make them walk into the center of the screen and then make some animation like run_fall (if it’s LL) with both of them to make them fall :relaxed:

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Thank you! :heart: I need her to walk and then fall! Do you think there is one for that?

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Not for walking but run_fall would work :relaxed:

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You can have her walk and then fall.
You would code the walk first
@YOU walks to spot 0.853 89 180 in zone 1

I would add a time, ex. 1 second

@YOU walks to spot 0.853 89 180 in zone 1 in 1 THEN YOU is fall

If you’re not happy with her spotting after she falls, put
THEN YOU spot xxx AND YOU is fall

Make sense?

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I can give you an exact breakdown for you to copy-paste if you haven’t gotten one already, I just need to know if you’re wanting both to fall or just one. If just one, which one?

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I created something, but it isn’t very ideal for the given background, as it does look as if YOU has fallen onto the table (nothing much to do about this has to do with the background).

&THEO spot 0.781 124 241 in zone 1
&THEO moves to layer 0
&PEYTON faces right
&PEYTON spot 0.823 54 217 in zone 1
&YOU spot .853 -50 180 in zone 1 at layer 2
@YOU walks to spot 0.853 89 180 in zone 1
&PEYTON starts shove_argument_receive_angry
@pause for .2
@YOU is fall THEN PEYTON is react_mortified
&speechbubble is 130 275 to 95% with tail_top_left
PEYTON (talk_startled_neutral)
I’m so sorry!
&zoom on 146 105 to 271% in 0
&PEYTON starts talk_explain_neutral AND PEYTON spot 0.823 60 110 in zone 1 and PEYTON moves to layer 1
&speechbubble is 126 355 to 100% with tail_top_left
Need some help?
&YOU starts flirt_liftchin_give_rear AND YOU faces right
&YOU spot 0.853 135 39 in zone 1
&speechbubble is 194 199 to 100% with tail_top_right
Thank you.
&zoom reset
@YOU spot 0.853 89 180 in zone 1 AND YOU faces left AND YOU is standup_neutral AND PEYTON spot 0.823 54 217 in zone 1 AND PEYTON starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND PEYTON faces right

Again, not ideal for the background if you view from portal, I’d suggest if you like this, try potentially changing the background, or change zoom perspective to cut “YOU” out. If you don’t really care, all’s fine here. Hope this helps you out! Let me know if you need anything changed.

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Here’s a guide if you want to try it out/learn for yourself:

I also recommend you use the starts command after the character walks so they can start the animation straight away instead of have an idle pause for a short moment. E.g:

@CHARACTER1 walks to spot x y in zone # in s AND CHARACTER2 walks to spot x y in zone # in s THEN CHARACTER1 starts shove_argument_receive_angry AND CHARACTER2 starts shove_argument_receive_angry

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I incorporated the pause because the shove animation has a delay, it looks awkward without the pause. Without the pause, the person being run into doesn’t react until after “YOU” has fallen.


Thank you everyone! This has helped so much x

Hello! I noticed the same problem so decided to use a different background!
Would you be able to position it to look busy, and also so the fall scene could take place?



Anyone who can help it would be very much appreciated!
Thank you in advance :heart:

I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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