Help with a scene

Hello! So, i wanted to make a shower scene for my character, could anybody help?
Thanks in advance! :heart:

Are your characters already in love or they are just getting some fun together ?accordingly I will try to help you :blush:

Just some fun!

So I will give a suggestion that let the girl go first in the bathroom and she started bathing already and the boy who was sleeping woke up after her,hse reached her and admired the girl seeing her naked and she tried to seduce in her words and forced the boy to take a bath with her and just like that they enjoyed themselves
Please tell me was this according to your liking?:sweat_smile::blush::blush:

YES!! I just need help scripting it… I’m nor sure how to make it look like the water is running etc…

Instead of shower you can go for a jacuzzi …

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Um… Based on what I have read please tread carefully with this since you know episode guidelines. You have to make them wear underwear. Also use a weather effect for running water.

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I was going to make it censored because i am aware of the guidelines!

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Good idea! Thanks x

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Okkay …if you want u can also add a special art scene to make it more worth

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Also if you search up Mata’s guids for new coders and old ones, there are some tips on there to help with any coding

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Whats this on? Forums?

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Zoom into the shower kind of, and then reset the background/spot directions etc, but adding in ‘with heavy rain’ or whichever weather effect you plan on using

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Here you have BG and overlay (it seems like white because its the water but it’s under the shower BG)

PLS CREDIT me if you will use this

readerMessage credit @miss_desantis_
&KATE spot 1.280 385 1
@transition fade in black 2
@KATE walks to screen center
@KATE is flirt_liftchin_give_rear
&overlay SHOWER WATER create
&overlay SHOWER WATER opacity 1 in 1
&overlay SHOWER WATER shifts to 85 -14
&overlay SHOWER WATER opacity 0.6 in 0.2 THEN overlay SHOWER WATER opacity 1 in 0.2 loop INFINITE times
@KATE walks to spot 1.280 197 2 in 0.5 AND KATE is walk_neutral


Thank you! What a life saver! :laughing:

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