Help with a second choices

So i already made a choice in the episode but how can i make a second choice because it keep saying error

Show your script

label MENU


“Talk about the future”{
@LIAM starts think_rubchin
AVA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Where do you see yourself in the next ten to fifteen years
@pause for .1
@AVA starts laugh_chuckle
LIAM (flirt_wink_happy)
Humm not sure
@pause for .1
@LIAM starts laugh_chuckle
AVA (talk_apathetic)
@pause for .1

goto MENU
}“Talk about the past”{


(So i already use label menu thing. is there a different one i could use?)

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Dialogue has to go before choices. If you don’t want dialogue to show, you have to scale the speech bubble to 0%

oh ok ty how do i fix the duplicate?

Try deleting one of the brackets “}”

i did that there still an error?

Nvm i got it fix thx for the help :slightly_smiling_face: