Help with a size problem!

one of my characters are small like a kid and when they exit the scene they get bigger. anybody know what i can do to fix that?

@CHARACTER walks to spot #’s in zone #
Use the spot numbers assign to the characters and have them walk to a zone that they’re aren’t in.

If your character is in zone 1
Then do this:
@CHARACTER walks to 1.280 203 16 in zone 3

what spot is when they exit?

Usually a negative number.

You would have to spot them off screen and copy and paste the numbers into your script.

alright thank u very much!

First, note:

@CHAR spot % X Y
% is the height of the character
X is on the horizontal axis, it’s the character walking from left to right to right to left
Y is on the vertical axis, it’s up or down or down or up, it’s the character walking from top to bottom or bottom to top

*you’d replace all these symbols with numerical values, though

Let’s say:

@LITTLE BOY 1.280 203 16

See the number I bolded? 203 is what you’d change. Put the little boy offscreen (either left or right) and whatever new value you get, put that into the code.


@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 X 16

In which X would be replaced with a number

Feel free to check out my graph on spot directing: JemU776's Help Thread

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You explained this better than me :sweat_smile:
I was hoping I didn’t confuse her.

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:scream: You explained it awesomely, be more confident OK :hugs: :kissing_heart: :heart:

P.S Also Cece, I just wanna say that % stands for the height of the character but sometimes you’ll see S be used instead (both are fine and stand for the same thing)

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