Help with a story cover and story description

I’m writing my story and I was wonder if someone could make be a story cover?
Is so leave your examples below!

ALSO, I need help to improve my story description, so it really draws people in.

Thank you for your time reading this, hopefully you cab help me! :grinning: :grinning:

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Epy.sister.hood can send the details here

I would Love to help you!

Do you want to see some examples?

Can help only tomorrow…:roll_eyes:

By the way, here are some examples


Send me a PM, if you’re interested…:wink:


Yes please!

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I am apart of an art group. Do you want to see all our examples?

did you went there and did you like our examples

Some please

I’m having a look now

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ok sure. one second!AiMlAZtjJKd6iQbLc0uIN8kNVlEw
Here is the link of the different artists and their work. Is there anything you want specifically for your cover?

Hi! I’m not sure if you’ve already picked an artist, but if you haven’t, I would love to be considered. I will link some examples of my covers below!

My work

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The last cover isn’t made by @gisellec ?

If you need help with a description I could try to help you if you tell me what your story is about

No, I made her large and small cover like a week ago for her story Demigoddess! She requested it on my thread which I can link if you would like some proof. I just never ask for credit so I guess that’s kinda confusing.

Hi, I would love if you could help me out.

Hello I haven’t picked an artist yet and I was wondering if you could make my small and large cover. Your art work is just amazing!

I Would love to help, here’s a cover I recently made

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Can I do large @aprill and you do small