Help with a story description 2021

My plot is that the mc has to leave her family and friends behind cause of her new job and she makes new friends because of her new job


Leaving everything behind is never easy–take [insert character reference], a girl who has to start a brand new job and new relationships. [insert simple question/statement]


Character reference – the MC, you, the character’s name

Simple question – How will she handle a brand new beginning?

Statement – Observe as a new story is created.

I usually suggest a story description with three parts: (This is my personal interpretation, it is not necessarily true or the best possible suggestion)

Inception – This usually is a simple version of the exposition and/or conflict.

Bridge – This should tie the inception to the deduction; the transitional statement.

Deduction – Typically a simple version of the main task(s)/goal(s) the character has to accomplish.

I hope this helps.


wdym Character REference and

I just mean how you refer to your character/what you call them. Some authors allow the reader to choose their MC’s name, so they don’t have one they can use in the story description. You have to replace it with something else. (The Inserts section from my previous response has some examples.)


  • You
  • the MC
  • [the character’s name]
  • a/an [adjectives] girl
  • a/an [adjectives] woman

I hope this helps.

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