Help with a story idea!?

Hi. So by the title you guessed it I need help with a story idea.the story is supposed to be a romance
And also I will give credit, if you have any story ideas that aren’t taken I will appreciate it :innocent:

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Well I’m gonna need you to be specific exactly what genre do you hope it to be


Ok that’s great. Give me 3 minutes for my brain to think

Umm I’m not sure about fantasy you can use it for your story!

Ok I’ll try another one. Give me 5 minutes

Tell me what you think about this

You got pregnant with your daughter when you were 15. Your parents beat you and then kicked you out of the house. You find a home with the father of your child and his family. But then when he dies in a car crash rushing home to meet you. His parents throw you out of their house as well. Since that day you swore to never let anyone in your life again and you started to fend for yourself. 6 years later you meet a really handsome man that might just make you break you swear

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Not a fan of pregnancy stories

Maybe just alter it slightly? Without the pregnancy
It’s still a good foundation plot

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Hmm…ok I’ll try one more time

I’m taking this as a challenge

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After getting the chance to be a Hollywood star you pack your bags and go chase your dreams. Leaving everything you know and used to love behind. You’re also using this as an excuse to have time to mend your broken heart. When you land you make a swear to never open up to anyone again.

3 years later, being the most popular actor there, you meet a mysterious man that you’ve been given the liberty to show the ropes of Hollywood to. And he’s most importantly easy on the eyes. Will you break the swear you’ve held onto for three years or will you live your life the way it is and die a loner?

What do you think?

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Sorry for the late reply but its amazing!

Thank you. I hope you enjoy writing your story.

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