Help with a story name

My story idea is:
You’ve vowed to you family and sister you would go to the same athletic academy they both went to for fingiré skating, when you take the test to get in, you freeze and fail. Your determined and not willing to give up that easy so you dress up as a boy and and try out for boys ice hockey and and joins for a trial match that you do extremely good in. Now your on the boys ice hockey team as a boy. You have to move into the boys dorms with the rest of the team with your roommate being Austin Hook, the best Ice hockey player in the state. Will you be able to keep your cover and keep up with Austin?

That’s the description ( not going to be that long ) but I need a title name, any ideas? And please don’t steal my idea


“On Thin Ice”?


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Oh this sounds good!!

Thank you Sydney

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Running on Ice
Icy Dreams
Hiding my Skates
Freezing My Dreams
Secrets Under the Ice

Any of these? :blue_heart:

Here are my ideas

  • a leap ahead
  • The Next Competitor (this one doesn’t match the description but yah)
  • Stars on Ice
  • breaking the ice
  • golden skates

these aren’t the best but lmk if this helped!

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My ideas:

  • Ice Breaker
  • Frozen Hearts
  • Cold As Ice
  • Melt My Heart

Sorry that’s all :sweat_smile:

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Thin Ice
Puck It
Ice Academy

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  • Ice Breaker
  • Break the Ice
  • Dancing on Thin Ice
  • The Rink
  • Lovers on the Rink
  • Dancer in Disguise

Sorry if these are bad lmao also I love the title idea of “On Thin Ice” by @TristanArciera :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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Bump! Thank you all for helping so far!

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