Help with a story plot

Hi, I’m currently at a writers block and I’m only 1 chapter in. I want to make my story less cliché then it sounds and I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes and share with me some ideas? Thank you!
Story Name A twist in fate
Story Description Ariana is a 15 year old girl who gets bullied horrendously. When she was young, tragedy stuck and she’s been moved from foster house to foster house. Until now. She ends up under the protection of Mark, an abusive drug dealer. She finally convinces Mark to let her go to the club with her only friend even though she’s underage. When she is there, the crowd separates her from her friend and she is offered a drink from a stranger. She knows no better and excepts the drink, it has drugs in.
And I have 2 male ‘bad boy’ characters that save her or something but she doesn’t trust them. And I’m now stuck on how to make this less cliché and more interesting.

I’m guessing that Ariana‘s parents passed away how about having Mark as the reluctant guardian (make him Ariana’s closest living relative more realistic)

With the club since Mark has to do business there he doesn’t trust Ariana staying home so he makes her come with him (the main reason is he heard there was a tip off and doesn’t want Ariana at home if there a police raid).
While there a stranger just talking to her as she never really socialised she likes the attention when she accepts a drink from the stranger (the drugging).

With the bad boys add some depth at least like why they act like they do I know cliches are there for a reason but don’t make genetic characters have wants and fears for each character even some secrets. And you should be fine.


Maybe that she runs away because she can’t trust them and they go looking for her and they take her in and treat her like a sister, but then they both fall for her.


I love this, thank you! I’ll definitely be taking this into consideration :slight_smile:
I like the idea about mark being more so a reluctant guardian then just a lame foster career aha.

This sounds cool I didn’t think of expanding on how they fall for her so thank you! I most likely will include this :slight_smile:

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It’s really important to make sure that you expand the romance from the love interests. Bad boys are probably the most prominent cliche that Episode has at the moment, but the more you humanise and develop their characters, the less cliche it will feel.

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Okay, thank you for the advice I see what you mean with humanising the bad boys and now that I had a few private messages saying similar things I believe that is a good route for me to go down. So thank you !

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