Help with a tiny coding issue and I need a school parking lot

Hey guys, I need help with a little bit of coding. So the coding part I’m kind of

stuck in is the part of my story where the father has to tell his five year old daughter that her mom died and I want him to like get down on his knees and bee at her level. and I also need a school parking lot back ground that will fit. On another note, the picture that I have uploaded , when he starts talking to his daughter I want him to get down on his knee

There are a few kneeling animations

Ohh I forgot about that is there anyway you’d be able to show me what that looks like

Go to animations and search up kneel. I’m not on my computer right now

here you go the parking lot



It’s not mine

thank you so much

Do you think you could resize this photo for me?

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Ofcourse, sorry for the late reply i was at school

Here you go


thank you! and it’s all good

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