Help with a title please!


The story my group and I are creating is about a gang. The main characters name is Brooklyn or Brook. The love interests name is Niko. Brooks bio is… Her name is Brook, her older brother Ryder is the leader of a gang. Brooks stepdad is the leader of a rival gang againt Ryder’s gang. Father left when she was young and the mother has died after being remarried. Niko is in no gang but may join Ryder’s gang. So please give ideas for a title. Since you guys have just read all of that, the winner will get to be a character in our story and i may allow you to REQUEST a role in the story. That does not mean you will get it tho. So PLEASE send in your titles!!!

DEAD LINE: April 24, 2018


deathly in love??

A Deathly affair


Good idea. I’ll get back to you!!


Taking sides
Joining forces
Gang leader’s sister

I dunno XDI’m bad at this


Thats okay. I’ll get back to you tho!!


Gang leader’s Angel


Gangs are Complicated :confused:

Pineapple on pizza is the best


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