Help with adding face shapes into choices!

I was about to make a choice option so the readers could change what face shape they’d like but I don’t know what to put!!
For an example, I put…


} “Chiseled Angular” {


But I don’t know what to put after that.
Please help me if you know. Thank you .x

depending on if you’re using LL or INK and if your character is a female or male, you’d have to input the name of the face shape in the code. for example it would look like this for a male avatar:
“Soft Diamond” {
@MALEAVATAR changes face into Diamond Soft

as you can see the name of the face shape sometimes varies so i would suggest doing what i did just now and going on dara’s customization template and use hers as a reference, heres the link:
you would click on the template you want and scroll down to where she puts the coding for face shapes, it’ll look something like this:

don’t forget to credit her though! (:

Thank you for your help!! x

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