Help with Amanda’s EA

hey guys, i’m trying to take screenshots of my character to make limb overlays in episode amanda’s EA. however, i can’t find any outfit with the pink cropped hoodie with yellow on it for female. i’ve been looking thru all the categories but i can’t seem to find any : ( if anyone knows if there’s an outfit that features that hoodie, could you please lmk? thanks sm <3

a pic of the hoodie

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Cropped Hoodie Color Panels Pink Pale

This is the hoodie in the pic!
I’m not quite sure if you meant you couldn’t find the hoodie but this it

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no i meant i wanted to find an outfit in amanda’s EA with that hoodie lol :sob:

Idk if it’s there. There’s over 1000 outfits in the EA. I suggest you try to make it in your own story instead of trying with the EA

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yea i think i’ll do that