Help with an Overlay


Hey I was wondering if anybody could make this mirror background an overlay


what do you mean?


Do you want the mirror space empty and the background part is the overlay?


I can help you! @Puppyloverdabresil1


I went ahead and made one it’s kinda bad but you can use if you want
I didn’t know which one you wanted so I just mad two versions



What mean is can you take the middle of the bathroom and make the mirror an overlay


Thank you so much




Hey do you do line art. I was wondering because I need a cover for my episode story


This is what I need image image the girl and the boy with this position

and the girls makeup girls hair and girls nails


I’ll try but it might not be as perfect as you want it.


It’s ok thx




When do you think your gonna finish it and don’t worry I will credit you


maybe in a couple of days because I have other requests to do also.


That’s fine




Hey are you still doing the line art, If you are just let me know when you’re gonna finish it