Help with animation pls

Is there a way to make the character not smile while listening to the phone?? I tried that “listen_phone_neutral” but it’s slightly smiling, which doesn’t matchwith the scene

Try listen_phone_sad_loop

No I need to keep it in a neutral face but not smiling

Im sorry I can’t find any…I scroll through all of them…guess you have to stick with listen_phone_natural

Boy or girl?

Its a boy

Do u want the character to be mad?

No just neutral

Maybe you can find one where the character is talking on the phone but go to the end of the animation. The only one I could find was talk_phone_neutral_loop, but that’s a loop so you might have to zoom on the character so it doesn’t show his mouth while doing it. You could also do listen_phone_sigh, but go to the end of the animation because he has a pretty neutral face.