Help with animation 😀🤔

The animation “idle_handcuffed_angry” is for a prisoner what is the animation for a cop who hold him from back?

I actually do not think there was released special animation for it …or have you see it somewhere?

Yeah i see somewhere but im try maybe to put “holdwaist_receive_idle_rear” maybe it will work

Yes it is hun

It’s not work…there is some another animation that can help?
When I put her it’s look like this

You could try to make her face left using
@character faces right (because it’s a rear animation)

If you’re not happy with that you could always try to make an overlay, of the right position of arms an so on (don’t know what it’s called)

If not maybe one of theese animations could do.

You can look for yourself among the animations in the art catalog​:yum::smiley:

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