Help with art stuff

I need help with the art for my story and will be very respectful with your time

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Can you be more specific on your art for your story?!?

Of course with art scenes and covers for story

For covers you can come here :🌈 Rainbow's Cover Shop 🌈{NEW-FREE-OPEN}{Come check it out} if your looking for edits of course

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Do you mean you want an artist for an art scene/ cover? Or do you need help with coding for showing your art scenes?

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Artist for the art sense and covers

Oh! Well I am not an artist for art scenes and covers…sorry :pensive:, but there are some artist who do both! I wish you luck for your story!!!

You should check out the link!!! @Evi2

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Hi I make covers and promos so if you still need someone feel free to message me.


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I love it and would be happy to work with u

Im an artist and my commissions are currently open,

Here are some of my works

Pm me if you are interested :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m an artist and I’ve started commissions and it would be great if you could check out my art shop! Thank you :blob_hearts: