Help with background credit


Hi. I have a small problem. Long time ago, I downloaded backgrounds from @smilla.episode and now I want to use them in my upcoming story but I can’t find her account on Instagram. I want to give her a credit but I don’t know if she changed her Insta name or what happened. Can anybody help me to find who I should credit these backgrounds to? Thanks :slight_smile:


I think she changed her name to @shellyg. :slight_smile:


I think that shellyg.episode was smg.episode before :slight_smile: because she said that she is closing her drive and I still can get into smilla’s drive


I even tried to click on the story in smilla’s linktree but it says that it’s removed


Do you have her forums name? if so just message her asking for it. If not then idk


No I don’t :confused:


Sorry about that :persevere:


Yeah, she removed access because too many people were editing and using her backgrounds and claiming them as their own. She doesn’t know when she will put it back up, unfortunately. Hope this helped you! :wink:


Her forums name is @shellyg. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but it isn’t the person I’m looking for :slight_smile:
This is the account I’m looking for


I credited her as @smilla.episode still, It’s a name of her Linktree so it’s a still a credit :grin:


Okay thanks so much :relaxed: Maybe she left this community when her story is removed :thinking: