Help with background - Lab for clones

Hey guys,

I need to make a cloning laboratory but I didn’t find anything suitable with
empty tests of supposedly to put clones in it…someone please help me?
Thanks in advance.

Did you want something sort of like this

Yeah I need to put there clones…so I need a lot of test tube

Just curious how many do you need

Ammm…between six and ten

I’ll see what I can find hope it work out well

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Thank you

You wanted them right next to each other yes

Yes but it is also possible to have an equal number on the right and left

Something like this right sorry it’s a bit demented I have to fix it up

Thanks, I just want it not to be cluttered on one side …

Like this right let me know if you want any changes

LL character could enter there?

Do you mean do they fit or if there’s a door

Fit, I want to put them on this

Are you characters going to come out from there or just stay in there because if you want me to put the minute I can do that For you or try to

Just one come out the other stay there

How dose One of them come out do you want a door or does it break Test tube

She’s gone out of the test tube and the test tube stays empty.

Did you want me to send you what I have you can have a look and tell me if you want to change anything