Help with background overlay


Some authors use this glass shelf thing as an overlay how? please help me I want my character to stand behind it to look like she’s peeking through it.

I’d say you have to make an overlay of it and then just put your character behind it. :woman_shrugging:
Maybe you can tell me what you need help for more specifically?.

I don’t know how to make it an overlay…

Oh, you can request overlays in art shops, I can send you a link of one, if you want to. :smile:

please do

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Here it is :smile: if you need any further help, you can ask me :slightly_smiling_face:

I can do it🙂

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can you…??

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:smile: hope you don’t mind me sending the link of your shop :blush::see_no_evil:

Yep I edit backgrounds and do overlays check out my art shop

free or…?

I don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes everything I do is free I can do a range of things and I have some amazing girls that work with me in my shop

awwe, how long does it take you to make na overlay?

Hopefully not long I will start it after a request I got to do and you only want that one side done :slightly_smiling_face:


if you can please send me it soon because need to get chapter done before tomorrow!

I will be as quick as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you!

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