Help With Background

When using a cafe background, how do i get the character to stand behind the counter?

A counter overlay

But none of them match the counter in the cafe do it just looks weird…?

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I can make the counter into an overlay for you!


omigod that’d be amazing

Pm me the background and I’ll be more than happy to help

i wrote INT. CAFE OL - DAY to layer 3 and this came up.


Try moving your character that you want behind the counter to layer 0 or layer -1 :woman_shrugging:t2:

The background INT. CAFE OL - DAY only has the table and chair overlay.

The background you want to use is INT. CAFE2 - DAY, which as the counter overlay that you need. You don’t need to add layers because characters will stand behind overlays by default.

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Ok, tysm! And also with the background with the counter overlay, is there a way to make a character walk in front of it instead of behind?

If you want a character in front of the overlay, then that’s when you need to use layers. So since the overlay is already attached to the background, you’d have to use the background name as the overlay name to layer it:

INT. CAFE2 - DAY. with INT. CAFE2 - DAY at layer 2

Then the person behind the overlay should be at layer 1 and the person in front of the overlay should be at layer 3: @CHARACTER moves to layer #

Mkay thank you! And sry to keep bothering you, but i just have one more question… there’s a table in the background so is there a way that i can make the person in front of the counter walk behind the table?