Help with backgrounds showing as black on the previewer!

This only happened to one background, it’s a background I uploaded and it hasn’t been approved yet.
It was working fine a couple days ago, now it will show up as black, my reader message and tappable overlay still work fine! I already tried the zoom reset and cutting to zone one, nothing worked.

Here’s the code:


@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0

&overlay PHONE create
&overlay 5417774970306560_PHONE shifts to 0 0
&overlay 5417774970306560_PHONE scales to 20.620 20.620
&overlay PHONE opacity 0

readerMessage Tap when done reading.

tappable “PHONE” {

goto done


label done

did u try refreshing the page? were there any other errors?

It is not going to show until approved that’s why it appeared black

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