Help with bakgrunds characters and front characters



I need help with a problem.
I want to have 2 characters in the bakgrund “fighting” (and an overlay is moving in that fight ) while the two characters in the front is talking. How do i type to make it to look good?


Move characters to the layers. I would move fighting characters to the layer -4 and -3 then overlay to layer -2 ( if you want it to be in front of them) then characters in front to the layer 1 and 2 for example.

@CHARACTER moves to layer x
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone x at layer x


There can also be layer 3 and up. You can make a scene with characters/ overlays that goes up to layer 40 and more.


Oh I know that :slight_smile: it was just an example picture. I should add it really that you can use as many numbers as you want. My bad @Zindi


i know how layers work, but how do you write when i have 2 people in the bakgrund ar fighting with powers(one overlay) but at the same time have the 2 people in the front talking ?


It really depends how you want your scene to look like.


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