Help With Bands Names

I didn’t know in which category I should put this but oh well!

I’m currently writting a story about a band contest, 5 bands participating and the winner will be able to sign a record and bla bla bla but they’ll all have to live in the same house, kind of like a reallity show.

But I can’t seem to think of good band names!

Does anyone have suggestions? The band where the MC is, is currently called “Little Secrets” but I don’t think I like the name (they are 3 girls) Helppp

What genre are each of the bands

The Mc’s band is kid of like little mix, you know?

Yeah I know them.

The others are rock, balade, taylor swift-like and the typical boy band

It would be a cool idea to do real bands/singers.

Okay, it depends on the personality of the people presenting. Like, for example, if they’re so cocky and overconfident, then you should cal them something that’s like for example: “Perfectionists” or whatever.

Cna’t because of copyright

You know what would be cool since you can’t copyright do this
Let’s say for example Little mix you can change Little mix to Biggest Mix and like do actually singers/Bands and switch there names like that that would be cool🙃

Band name generator :sunglasses:

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If there is a pretentious Indie band maybe something like The Broken Record would do?