Help with behavior please

I was wondering how you can skip the animation and go straight to the end of it like Shush or flirt_snap does anyone know how?

Hello! @DIAMOND1PANDA The only way I have been able to do this is by having an overlay of the background and then have two versions of the character. The overlay background needs to cover one of them, and one on top of the overlay background (meaning the viewer is able to see it). Then have the character hidden behind the background overlay do Shush or another animation, wait for the animation to be done then remove the character above the overlay background and change the overlay background to 0% opacity showing the character that was hidden now doing the end of that said animation. As of what I know there is no way (right now) to skip to the end of an animation. I hope this helps :joy::grinning: , @ me if you need anymore help!

Thanks I’m going to try it.

Your welcome! Its takes a lot of work :expressionless: But its TOTALLY worth it!