Help with blurrying background?

So, I want to have a background look blurry and this is what I typed:
@overlay BLURRY BG 1 opacity 0 in 0
@overlay BLURRY BG 1 opacity 1 in 2

it says there are no errors but it doesn’t work and idk what’s wrong or how to make it work? I uploaded the blurry bg as an overlay and it still doesn’t work, idk what I’m doing wrong please halp

Have you tried it on the app

What are you trying to do with the blurry background? Make your characters fade?

Can you post your script here or a screenshot of it?

try having some lines before you blur it to full opacity

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&overlay BLURRY BG 1 create
&overlay BLURRY BG 1 scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
&overlay BLURRY BG 1 shifts to 0 100 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay BLURRY BG 1 moves to layer 0
&overlay BLURRY BG 1 opacity 0 in 0
@pause for 1
&overlay BLURRY BG 1 opacity 1 in 2

Shift and scale to whatever spots you need and check that it is placed in the correct zone. All overlays will default to zone 1 if you don’t specify. Hope this helps!

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yassss it worked! tysm :blush:

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You’re welcome :heart:

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