Help with Bookclub

I was in a bookclub that I really liked. But although I really liked it, I left because this was the first one that I had ever joined and I just wanted to see what else was out there. But since leaving I really really really regret it. The other groups I’ve joined aren’t active at all. I can’t seem to find another good club.

I guess I still don’t really know how it all works. I can’t search for my previous club and it seems like once you leave you can’t rejoin.

Anyone else having trouble? if not, can you explain it to me? Because it kind of seems like finding a good bookclub is done randomly and by chance.

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Hey unfortunately with book clubs their is no way for u to look one up or for someone to send a invite to you . And I’m not sure about if u leave u might not find it again . It might just be they have the max members episode will allow which is 25 ppl . Hopefully this helps with a bit of info .

aww, that’s unfortunate. but thanks! that really helps a lot.

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